The Schooner team can save you time and money by executing a communications strategy that will cast your company’s mission, products or services into the spotlight.

Blog Central

Publishing a blog is key to driving traffic to your company’s website and generating a higher-level profile on Google and other search engines. Blogs are an essential way to validate that you and your company have insights and information to share with interested parties, and that you are the “go-to” company in your area of expertise. Schooner’s brain power keeps the ideas flowing and drives traffic to client websites.

Marketing Materials

Schooner Strategies will work with your company to develop or enhance marketing and sales materials including brochures, display ads, signage, self-published resource guides and other related tools of communication. From top-tier graphic designers to experienced IT specialists, the Schooner team will ensure a professional and unique look for each client.


In the age of electronic media, it’s important to recognize the benefits of both print and electronic newsletters. A newsletter can promote many attributes of a company by covering a range of stories showcasing its accomplishments. Let the Schooner team create a customized template and compelling content that showcases your company’s strengths, new products and services, achievements, awards and events as well as industry news. Produced in both printable pdf and HTML-coded formats, a company newsletter can be a valuable communications tool for your current and prospective customers and business partners.

Public Relations

Want to generate a buzz and interest in your products and services in a cost-effective manner? Schooner Strategies can:

  • Place articles in key magazines, journals and websites
  • Publish research and white papers to promote clients as a content expert or thought-leader
  • Solicit and place stories in major media and trade press outlets

Benefits of a strong media program include:

  • Generating trade press or mainstream media coverage -- press releases help document a company’s accomplishments over a period of time. Schooner’s distribution channels include national distribution to the key editors in health care, as well as our proprietary list of media contacts to create quick traction for your company.
  • Promoting Internet search engine placement
  • Showcasing your company to prospective customers and others
  • Highlighting your successes

Social Networking

Your company can no longer overlook the value of key social networking platforms. We can help you establish a presence on:

  • Facebook -- Set up a company fan page
  • LinkedIn -- Set up a company profile with a customized presentation and key marketing materials
  • Twitter -- Feature a company Twitter feed from your designated representative
  • YouTube -- Post videos about your company on the second most popular search engine in the United States
  • Inter-operability -- Set-up an interconnected network of social media links where one message is linked to multiple social media outlets, which drives your search engine ranking
  • Video Updates -- Use video to provide engaging, personalized updates though YouTube, Twitter, your website and more
  • Networking Opportunities -- Position your company on the front-edge of opportunities to connect with customers. Schooner helps clients create online communities that become supporters of your company’s products and services.


A company has about 10 seconds to engage a visitor on its website. Providing “real content” can keep a prospective client on your website longer, and most importantly, keep them coming back. At the end of the day, substantive content that engages the visitor and forms a community is essential. Schooner Strategies provides both the business and technology services to help you move to a Web 2.0 platform.


Business Development

Database & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions. Schooner’s jump-start approach can help you to establish a powerful sales and marketing database for your company through our proprietary database of over 120,000 vetted contacts that supports most contact database management systems.

Search Engines.  “Paid Placement” ads for key words can drive results through search engines like Google. Carefully selected “key search” terms or phrases that are identified with your product or service can drive traffic.

Advertising Design and Placement.  There are occasions where a print ad in the magazine that is promoting your business makes sense. The Schooner team can design an ad and work with publications to get the best placement possible.

Strategic Alliances. Schooner Strategies can identify strategic partners who can effectively promote your business.

Innovation and/or Diversification.  Letting prospective customers know that you are a company “on the move” is very important. Whether new ideas or improvements to existing products, these provide a rich and dynamic platform to grow your company’s product and service offerings.

SWOT Analysis.  Through a “Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat” (SWOT) analysis, Schooner works with clients to systematically assess where your company stands in the marketplace. Our goal is to help you understand what your company needs to do to build the action steps for robust growth to ensure your company moves beyond a commodity-based firm to become nationally known for best-in-class services that are truly unique and exceptional.

Exhibiting. The Schooner team can increase the effectiveness of your company’s exhibiting opportunities through a multi-dimensional approach that includes announcing product upgrades and strategic alliances, speaking at the conference, and distributing a white paper to steer traffic to the exhibit booth.

Customer Testimonials.  Have you used existing customer relationships to create testimonials or promote referrals as quotes on your company’s website, printed materials and press releases?

Online Video Productions. Schooner Strategies professionally produces company demos, online conferences, and other online DVD shows/presentations.