Blog Central

Publishing a blog is key to driving traffic to your company’s website and generating a higher-level profile on Google and other search engines. Blogs are an essential way to validate that you and your company have insights and information to share with interested parties, and that you are the “go-to” company in your area of expertise. Schooner’s brain power keeps the ideas flowing and drives traffic to client websites.


In the age of electronic media, it’s important to recognize the benefits of both print and electronic newsletters. A newsletter can promote many attributes of a company by covering a range of stories showcasing its accomplishments. Let the Schooner team create a customized template and compelling content that showcases your company’s strengths, new products and services, achievements, awards and events as well as industry news. Produced in both printable pdf and HTML-coded formats, a company newsletter can be a valuable communications tool for your current and prospective customers and business partners.

Press Releases

Press releases give the public a better understanding of what your company does and what you have to offer. Let the Schooner team work with you to create and distribute press releases to get your name out there, position your company as an expert in the industry and drive traffic to your website. They are also a way to gain free visibility and get your name out there, the more times someone sees your name in front of them, the more likely they are to remember it. Remember, a well written, attention grabbing press release will help spark interest in your company and Schooner’s media connections can help.

Research Projects, White Papers, Articles and Issue Briefs

Focused research projects can provide currency, positioning your company as a thought-leader while generating high-level marketing materials.

  • Branding Your Project.  Using our extensive one-of-a-kind database of industry contacts, we identify key trade association and non-profit co-sponsors to enhance the credibility of your research project. Then we promote it as an extension of your company brand.
  • Industry Research and Issue Briefs.  Schooner can coordinate an industry survey, develop a white paper or write-up a research report to place on your website...then market it to promote your products and services.