The Benefits of Digital Public Relations

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The internet is a necessary lifeline for businesses. Despite the obvious need for online interactions, some business leaders are still devoted to print public relations and marketing efforts. Adding a digital presence provides a powerful punch to your campaigns by expanding audience reach and helping you actually connect and develop relationships with your consumers. This blog discusses the various aspects of digital marketing and the many pros to taking your business online.

Content Generation

While it’s recommended to continue to create print items for distribution, companies who don’t take advantage of digital marketing lose the benefit of additional, online content through blogs and social media. Blogs should be posted about once a week—twice a month at least—in order to generate unique content and backlinks. In addition, by producing unique content, your company can be positioned as a thought leader.

It’s possible to take the thought leadership idea to the next step by getting a well-recognized industry influencer to contribute to a blog on your website—that way, you’ll be rubbing your digital elbows with the best of the best while getting your brand necessary exposure.

Social Media

Social media is essential to give your company greater exposure and transparency to consumers. Using social media can help you to take advantage of cross-channel messaging, ensuring your message is consistent across various social media accounts. You can use social media to develop relationships with consumers by releasing exclusive information to your followers to generate positive feedback or buzz.

In addition, social media can quickly alert you to a potentially critical situation allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive. For example, if you encounter negative feedback, respond to it online and consider issuing a press release or article that explains what the issue was; above all, remember to apologize. You may want to publicly thank the consumer who originally brought up the issue for his or her diligence.

Search Engine Optimization

Earning high quality placement on search engines through search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge benefit that cannot be earned through print media work alone. A company can bolster its ranking by securing online placements that create high quality backlinks and by distributing optimized press releases through distribution services. For example, PRWeb allows you to target specific regions and industries so your press release is not just being published blindly. The more targeted your press release is, the more likely it is to get picked up and earn that genuine placement.

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True Integration

In the digital world, companies can (and should) integrate their campaigns to ensure consistent messaging and optimal distribution. For example, if you write a blog, make sure it gets promoted on social media. When each campaign affects the other, more genuine, high-quality backlinks are created, providing a greater impact on SEO.

Money and Time Saver

Print marketing and advertising can get very expensive very quickly, especially when you factor in coveted TV and radio spots. However, on average, digital PR gets your brand in front of more people for less money than TV and radio—and the process takes much less time.

Measurable Results

Digital PR offers more opportunities for better and more accurate conversion tracking. Online, you can talk with your customers and see how they feel about your product or service. In the same vein, after you release a campaign, you can check your website traffic to see concrete results. One source elaborated on this by saying, “Because search engines reward fresh and engaging content with favorable results, any articles, blogs or press releases you send out that are uniquely reproduced will inevitably boost your online footprint even further.”

Brand Identity

By continuously putting out unique, interesting and informative content, your target market will begin to recognize your company. Opening your company up online through transparency—in a personal, but informative tone—will help you gain distinction. As one report states, “Numerous organizations use digital PR as a platform to become a leading and authoritative voice in their industry. From knowledge, expertise and honesty comes a great deal of respect. You’ll probably steal a march on your competitors too.”


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